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Curriculum & Instruction Department

Mission Statement

Sheldon ISD will provide personalized learning opportunities to ensure all students graduate college and career ready.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Patsy Cavazos 
Chief Academic Officer
(281) 727-2000 x-2046
Juan Duenas
Executive Director of Elementary Education
(281) 727-2000 x-2063
Dr. Tyrus Doctor
Executive Director of Secondary Education
(281) 727-2000 x-2063

About the Curriculum & Instruction Department

The purpose of the Sheldon ISD Curriculum & Instruction Department is to provide leadership, service, and support to District staff, parents, and community; focus the educational environment, practices and programs of the District on student learning; and to ensure that each student becomes a successful member of society. 

Elementary Curriculum


Secondary Curriculum


Additional Programs
Consists of additional programs outside the scope of core curriculum and extracurricular courses.