Sheldon ISD

Every Child, Every Day

Achieving Excellence

Sheldon ISD Curriculum Department

The mission of SISD Curriculum Department is to advance continual growth in educators and students.

The Sheldon ISD Curriculum Department provides a rigorous and relevant curriculum, assessments that provide evidence of successful performance, and continuous professional development for the instruction and assessment of that curriculum.

We believe that…
  • All students can learn.
  • Decisions are based on what is best for the student.
  • The alignment of curriculum, assessment, and instruction promotes student success.
  • Rigorous instruction is essential to college and career readiness.
  • Authentic learning experiences build transference of knowledge and skills.
  • The teacher is the facilitator of learning.
  • A successful classroom culture incorporates the daily uses of research-based strategies.
  • There is both assessment for learning and assessment of learning.
  • Communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of strong instruction.

Services and Responsibilities
Through collaboration with principals, teachers, and instructional coaches:
  • Organize and develop curriculum documents
  • Organize and develop district assessments

Additional services and responsibilities:
  • Provide professional development
  • Provide feedback to teachers on instructional strategies
  • Identify instructional resources
  • Lead and mentor instructional coaches
  • Develop, implement, and support district initiatives related to content
  • Collaborate with principals, instructional coaches, teachers to make data-driven decisions

Curriculum Specialists

Christina Matteo - Secondary Language Arts
Krystal Reeves - Secondary Math
Stephanie Bourgeois - Elementary Math
Shannon Jackson - Elementary Science
Saleen Mitchell - Secondary Science
Joni McEvoy - Elementary Language Arts