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District Alert System is the site of the district's alert system. Anyone may sign up for alerts for Sheldon and other Harris county schools by completing the following steps:

1. Login to the website

2. From the main menu, click on "Join mailing list".

3. From the dropdown menu, select the group that best describes the group you want to join to receive alerts.  If you are a parent, you would select the district in which your children go to school.

4. Scroll down and enter your name and email address in the appropriate fields.  Enter your cell phone number in the appropriate field if you would also like to receive the alert via a text message. Remember, that using the text option may result in a charge to you personally from your phone carrier.

5. Click "submit" and you should see a thank you message verifying that you have been placed on a mailing list to receive alerts.

6. Check this site when inclement weather approaches.  It may also be used for any type of emergency such as lockdowns, shelter-in-place and early dismissals.

For more information, contact the Public Information Office at 281-727-2007.