Monahan Elementary

Every Child, Every Day

Bobcats today, leaders tomorrow, learners for a lifetime!

Cheri Dixon - Monahan Elementary Principal

 Welcome back to another great school year at Monahan Elementary!  We also want to welcome all of our new families that will be joining us this upcoming year!  I am so excited for us to move into the next level of work at Monahan!  I know that as a community working together, this will be the best year yet!
So many great things happened this past year at school and as we plan for our new year, there will be so many more things coming!  I am looking forward to adding a full time Art, Music, and Drama classes this year in the rotation!  Fine arts is truly a passion of mine and I know that with these programs offered to students, we will continue to see our students soar in Sheldon ISD!  
As we add seven additional homeroom classrooms this year, our focus will continue to be on academics.  Reading and Science are areas for us to really work on this year.  I strive to have our Bobcats the top readers in the district! 

 I have always believed that education is the ticket to bigger and better things in life!  I knew I was going to be a teacher when I turned 6 years old, and it was a teacher who helped me follow my dreams in life!  I take my work very seriously and pride myself in working with many different students, teachers, and families over the last 20 years!

 Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!