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Herman Park - Nurse

Rachel Smith  R.N.
 Room: Clinic
 Office Phone: 281-456-6706



The school health program exists because our community cares about the

health of its children.  The purpose of the school is to educate. Students
cannot achieve at their highest potential – sometimes they cannot learn at
all – if they have health needs which are not being met.


The primary focus of school nursing is to make sure learning is not

hindered by a correctable health problem and to help educate students
toward worthwhile decisions affecting present and future physical, social
and emotional health.


Our goal must be to educate students toward a high level of “wellness”.

Many of our present and future health problems can be prevented
through learning the proper care of mind and body.  Our task is to assist
administrators, teachers, and all other support personnel in helping each
student achieve his or her optimum potential in a comfortable, caring
school climate.
Biography Details:
 I am the proud nurse for Sheldon Elementary School where I have been honored to care for the
children for the past 5 years.  I have been a nurse for 15 years and I have worked with family practice
and OB/GYN.  I grew up just down Sheldon Road and have traveled the world, but I have been lucky
enough to settle down with my little family back here in Texas. I have two beautiful girls, both in
Sheldon ISD and a wonderful, supportive husband.
My hobby is photography and traveling.  I love taking pictures of children and seniors and watching
their little faces as they meet new challenges in their lives.  I am honored to be a part of so many
lives and hope that I can make a small difference in your child's life. 
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