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TEA to release 'mock' grading system for districts, campuses on Jan. 6

On Jan. 6, the Texas Education Agency will release a report showing ratings each district and campus might have received for the 2015-16 school year if a proposed A-F system had been in place.
The A-F rating system focused on four domains: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing the Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness. A fifth domain - which will be defined in the summer of 2017 - will address Student and Community Engagement.
The new system, which is scheduled to be used in August 2018, will also include an overall grade for each district and campus using a complex formula.
Sheldon ISD Superintendent King Davis joins a host of other superintendents throughout the state opposing this new district and campus grading system.
The A-F rating system does not accurately represent Sheldon ISD schools...and here's why:
- A-F rating systems are based on once-per-year test scores - not a comprehensive picture of a student's ability
- A-F rating systems have not worked in other states - student performance has actually dropped in other states
- A-F rating systems rely on pages upon pages of complicated rules and calculations - no one really knows what a letter grade means
- A-F rating systems fail to account for socioeconomic conditions that influence performance - school districts are held accountable for factors they do not control
- Grades in an A-F system will align with wealth or poverty and will likely punish poor schools for being poor - poor schools are judged as bad while wealthy schools are judged as good
- A-F rating systems provide no sense of what schools must do to improve - letter grades do not identify best practices used by high-performing schools
- A-F rating systems create a false impression about an entire neighborhood of children - the reduction of a school to a single letter grade unfairly reduces every student to the school's assigned grade

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