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Dismissal Change Procedure Updates for the 16-17 School Year!

Dismissal Procedures  

1. Please make sure that any transportation changes for the day are sent with your student in the morning and have your signature and date.


2.  Make sure that your student's full name is written on any note that you send.


3.  Transportation changes the last 30 minutes of the school day cannot be accepted except in case of emergencies. We are striving so hard to make sure all of our students get home correctly and safely and last-minute changes tend to make that more difficult.


4.  If there is an emergency during the last 30 minutes of the school day, we will need that change "in writing" with your signature. You may fax that to us at 281-454-2975. If a fax machine is not available to you, you may also write it on a piece of paper with your signature, take a picture of the written page and email that to all of the following three staff members.


Receptionist – Carla Gomez –

Attendance – Araceli Cardenas –

Secretary – Candace Robinson –


Whether you send your note by fax or email, it is essential that you call immediately after to ensure that your email or fax has been received. Our school phone number is 281-454-2900.  All requested changes during the last 30 minutes will be subject to approval by a campus administrator.