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Site Based Decision Making Team Notes

Site Based Decision Making Team Meeting
December 1, 2016 
1.  Signup sheet was passed around; Raven and Hollier were not in attendance.
2.  Dixon started with House Bill V - passed a couple of year ago to handle all the extra things not scored on STAAR,  within Texas      school.
   Discussed that each area will be divided up and the members are responsible for colecting flyers, pictures, sign-in sheets, notes, feedback (collect everything in a folder to turn into Candace) so that we can rate ourselves in each area at the end of the year.
  • Fine Arts - Jackson (campus plan, participation, performance opportunity)
  • Wellness and PE - Syon (see Coach for assistance)
  • Parent and Community Involvement- Fallon and Baker
  • GT - Smith
  • Dropout Prevention - Hollier, Q. Brown, and Curl
  •  Statutory Rate and Compliance - Dixon
Choose 2 from:  Campus Offering, AP Courses, After School, and/or Community Outreach.
3.  Upcoming Events:  Jean Passes to collect money for the Christmas Party
4.  Specials Team:  to help serve hot chocolate for Polar Express Reading in Fine Arts Room
5. Updates in Campus Improvement Plan:
      A.  Goal 1 Maximize student learning 
            70% will pass STAAR
                  Align reading lessons to rigor of STAAR - considerable
      B.  Targeted Intervention groups for AA
                  Set up mentor program - some progress
                  Monitor student progress - considerable
                  Provide tutorials - some progress
      C.  Provide drama class for enrichment - some progress
      D.  Provide training to after school staff - considerable 
                  **After school for social development needs, numbers are low and are accepting kids**
      E.  Develop computer lab schedule and rotations for IStation - considerable
      F.  Guided Reading Training - some progress 
      G.  Independent Reading - considerable 
                  **Implement A to Z and Razz Kids - check with Miranda **
      H.  74% will pass STAAR Math
                  Friday interventions - some progress
                  Bobcat Buddies - some progress
                  Monitor AA in PLC - considerable
                  After school tutoring - some progress
                  Support in after school program - some progress
      I.  25% Sped will pass STAAR
                  Provide services - considerable
                  Observe instruction - some progress
                  Monitor student progress - considerable
      J.  74% will pass STAAR Writing
                  Provide training - considerable
                  Utilize timeline to collect samples by January 2 - considerable
                  Impletment DOL - considerable
                  Provide weekly writing assessments in grade 4 - some progress
                  Monitor schedule to ensure teaching writing - some progress
      K.  Ensure sage and positive school environment
                  Reduce office referrals - considerable
                  Lesson plans - accomplished
                  Trained in CHAMPS - accomplished
                   Flow chart for discipline is being followed - considerable
                  Posted expectations - accomplished
                  Reduced missed days - considerable
                  Provide small group opportunities - considerable
                  Provide behavior plans (see Fallon) - considerable
      L.  70% will have an E in conduct
                  Utilize Bobcat folders - considerable
                  Provide incentives see PBIS team (dance) - considerable
                  Character trait building - considerable
                  Provide enrichment programs (art club, student council, choir) - some progress
                        Rivera, Richardson, Curl, Villalon will chair and assist in student council       
      M.  98% Attendance
                  Contact parents, remind the  to bring notes - considerable
                  Provide attendance data to teachers - considerable
                  Student Incentives (NEAT Kids) - considerable
6.  Other business
      A Provide transition activities for upcoming first graders and outgoing 5th graders with campus visits
      B.  Promote parent and community involvement activities (Watch Dogs in January, PTO Monthly events)
      C.  January 2 - 3, work days and in - service provided at Monahan