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Sheldon’s Class of 2016 Participate in 3rd Annual ‘Senior Walk’

The graduating class from Sheldon’s C. E. King High School, the Early College High School, and KASE Academy, took part in their annual Senior Walk on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. 

The seniors loaded up on buses in the morning and made their way to each campus, starting at Royalwood Elementary. From there, they went to the Sheldon Early Childhood Academy, Sheldon Elementary, Garrett Elementary, Null Middle School, Carroll Elementary, Monahan Elementary, Stephanie Cravens Early Childhood Academy, and C. E. King Middle School. The Senior Walk finally came to an end at C. E. King High School shortly after noon.

This tradition was started three years ago. The event is a time for the seniors to get dressed up in their cap and gown and walk through each campus in the district for a look back at where it all started. It’s a special moment for the senior class, as they walk the halls to cheering students, teachers and administrators. While the walk is a special time for them, it is also an inspiration to the younger students to see the older students moving forward in their educational journey.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!